At the 2015 Stencil Art Prize

Amazing turnout last year. Thousands through the door at aMBUSH Gallery on opening night and during the exhibition and bigger and better than ever in the new venue at Chippendale. I didn’t win but managed to sell my piece. Happy with that.

Stencil Art Prize have been getting bigger and better every year and offer great support for the stencil/street art community.

If you want to enter this year check them out on

Facebook: Stencil Art Prize

Insta: @stencilartprize


for all the info around the prize and the event.

A few snaps of the night below.



Me and my painting. (Out of focus photo by Ed)




View from the gallery


View in the gallery


Amazing work using old cutting blades


Large scale Photorealism Stencil



Stencil Art Prize 2015

Following the success of the 2014 entry. I went bigger and better in 2015 with another black on black painting. This time I made it on a bigger scale and went for more detail. Classic chick smoking in shadows type thing.

So… ‘Into The Shadows’.

Into the Shadows

‘Into the Shadows’ – 2015

into the shadows

Drawing for cut out


Some reconstruction needed before cutting


Finished cut out




Albury Council Commission

As a finalist in the stencil art prize, I was offered the opportunity to tender for a commission through Albury City Council in 2014. The¬†Albury Regional Arts Gallery was being renovated and had a white wall erected to hide the construction, which they wanted covered with stencil art until the completion of the renovations. Although I didn’t win it was good to try and have the experience of tendering for the work.

Given my background in history I always try to instil a sense of place and history into the commission. I decided to try a couple of things. The first was a historical perspective, making a pattern with some of Albury’s most notable buildings, old and new, with a flowing rainbow gradient through the length of the wall.

Albury idea 1.jpg

The second idea stemmed from ideas from the Parliament Co Working wall. A geometric representation of the Murray River flowing along the wall.

Albury idea 2

ManaLion ‘Run’ Clip

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 3.28.01 PM.png

2014 got a bit digital. I worked with an old friend, Ed Slayd converting a storyboard and some sketches he had into some characters for a filmclip. Bare in mind that the budget for this project was ridiculous – almost non-existent. So what Ed managed to do with the animation was amazing considering time and financial constraints.

I drew the main characters and made them multilayered objects in illustrator so he could make them move on the screen. The drawings aren’t perfect by any means but it was my first foray into animation and character illustration.

Couple of Roughs

Couple of rough ideas that were rejected before the bull idea.

The guys were worried that a woman might be too sexual for some of their customers so to keep things PG we went for a guy playing a guitar. We thought we would do something a bit more fun so we went for an animal head on the guy instead but here are the roughs so you can see what we thought about…

woman with guitar flattened.jpg


Bull T-Shirt

bull t shirt

So I work for some guys in Sydney called Artist Guitars

In 2014 they wanted to get a promotional T-shirt out there to get people wearing their brand. We went through a few design ideas and came up with a guitar player that had the body of a man and the head of a bull.

They ran a Facebook competition to get a slogan to add to the shirt and this was the end result. If you like it head to the website and grab yourself one here –> Artist Guitars

Artist T-Shirt Print.jpg

Stencil Art Prize 2014


2014 Stencil Art Prize Entry





Almost finished.


Finished stencil cutout. Sometimes more beautiful than the painting.


So, there were only a few things that happened in 2014. One being the Stencil Art Prize

Following the popularity of ‘Don’t Fuck with Me’, I decided that I was onto something with the whole black on black thing and so have decided to pursue it and see where it takes me.

Don't f*ck with me

Don’t Fuck with me


I’m Back

So, after a long absence from being active on this site I am about to update the content. 2014 was a slow year but towards the end of 2015, things have been picking up so its time to update and get the work out there!!

Stay tuned…

Parliament Co-Working

I spent summer working on a 14 x 2.8m wall for Parliament Co-Working, in Sullivan’s Cove, Hobart. Its been my biggest undertaking so far by a long shot. This is stage 1. I may go back later in the year to complete stage 2 and add in a few more figurative stencils. The guys were really happy with it and I was happy with the end results myself.

Working on the Wall

A recent video by Andy Wilson of Everything Everything and Parliament Co-Working of me working on the wall mural I did for Parliament Co-Working.
This is of me blocking in the background to a large scale stencil that went up on the wall.