Albury Council Commission

As a finalist in the stencil art prize, I was offered the opportunity to tender for a commission through Albury City Council in 2014. The Albury Regional Arts Gallery was being renovated and had a white wall erected to hide the construction, which they wanted covered with stencil art until the completion of the renovations. Although I didn’t win it was good to try and have the experience of tendering for the work.

Given my background in history I always try to instil a sense of place and history into the commission. I decided to try a couple of things. The first was a historical perspective, making a pattern with some of Albury’s most notable buildings, old and new, with a flowing rainbow gradient through the length of the wall.

Albury idea 1.jpg

The second idea stemmed from ideas from the Parliament Co Working wall. A geometric representation of the Murray River flowing along the wall.

Albury idea 2

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